Effect of Candles Burning on Ventilation of Premises

Peter Kapalo , Orest Vozniak , Mariusz Adamski , Oleksandr Dovbush


At present, the use of different candles in the house has increased significantly to create a pleasant environment. At the same time, from an energy point of view, it is an attempt to reconstruct and create buildings as densely as possible to provide the least heat loss due to uncontrolled ventilation. Is it safe to use a home candle in this regard? The article is a brief documented history of candles, the principle of combustion and the effect of burning candles on the internal environment. The purpose of the article is to indicate how the burning of candles affects the need for ventilation of the room. Experimental measurements were made to achieve this aim Measuring of the production of carbon dioxide at flames of candles is the subject of this study. Experimental investigations have been carried out and the results of research are presented in figures and analytic equations. Measurement took place in three stages with order to some methods There have been measured both internal and external air parameters that are documented in figures From the given data, it can be argued that the greatest increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide occurred during the second stage of measurement, when the person was in the room when the candle burned. Effect of candles burning on the environment is presented. For example, some candles emit dangerous substances for human health and are pollutants in the air. Burning of candles process has been analyzed and a chemical scheme of a burning candle is presented. From measured and calculated data it can be argued that the flame of candles during an experimental measurement causes an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide by 76 %, as in the case of human being
Autor Peter Kapalo
Peter Kapalo
, Orest Vozniak
Orest Vozniak
, Mariusz Adamski (WBiNoŚ/KCOiW)
Mariusz Adamski
- Katedra Ciepłownictwa, Ogrzewnictwa i Wentylacji
, Oleksandr Dovbush
Oleksandr Dovbush
Tytuł czasopisma/seriiVentilation, Illumination and Heat Gas Supply, ISSN 2409-2606, e-ISSN 2664-5769, (0 pkt)
Rok wydania2019
Objętość publikacji w arkuszach wydawniczych0,50
Słowa kluczowe w języku angielskimcandle, room, carbon dioxide, ventilation, air flow rate
URL http://vothp.knuba.edu.ua/article/view/181189/pdf_7kap
Identyfikator wewnętrznyROC 19-20
Języken angielski
LicencjaUznanie Autorstwa (CC-BY)
Punktacja (całkowita)5
Żródło punktacjijournalList
PunktacjaPunktacja MNiSW = 5.0, 12-02-2020, ArticleFromJournal
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